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Welcome to my Colorado Real Estate Blog! This Blog is dedicated to all things relating to real estate, home improvement, living and improving the quality of life.

A Beautiful Saturday in Erie Colorado, won’t you join me?

b2ap3_thumbnail_balloonlarge.pngI awake to the smell of fresh coffee and the curious sound of a deep whoosh above our home.  Looking out the window I see a colorful blue, red and yellow hot-air balloon floating gently in a cool breeze above the neighborhood with the snow-capped mountains in the back drop.  This is a common site for Erie and one of my favorite things in the entire world.  It’s a crisp peaceful spring morning as runners and bicyclists travel on paths that intertwine through the neighborhood.  Calling Erie, Colorado home is an easy thing to do when the quality of life can be seen, simply by looking out the window or walking to the driveway to pick up the morning paper. 

As my 2 year old daughter fills the room with laughter, my husband and I get prepared to go to the Erie Recreational Center for her swim lesson.  The community center, which less than a mile away, has so many amenities including recreational activities, classes and programs for residents of all ages.  The adjacent library is a great place to pick up that book everyone is talking about or even reserve a DVD for a family movie night.  A large park with a playground, soccer fields, softball fields and a newly designed skate park are sure to be bustling with activity on any given weekend.  In the summer time, there are movies in the park, as well as Kids Nite Out Across America®, where parents can drop off their children in a safe supervised environment to meet other kids, participate in activities, and have a fun time. 

After a great swim class we go to lunch at the Parkway Sports Grille and enjoy the outdoor sun from their patio.  Living in Colorado, there are 300 days of sunshine each year, making it easy to enjoy an active life style.  As we enjoy our lunch, I remember an article I read about a new energy-efficient community proposed just down the road on County Line to be called Golden Run. The proposed development could add economic opportunities including a movie theater, a medical complex, and a performance arts center. My husband comments on how convenient it would be to ride our bikes to the movies.  As we finish up lunch, its back home to put my little one down for a nap. 

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Low Inventory - Sellers where are you?


If you have been watching the real estate market in Colorado lately you probably already know that housing recovery is in full swing.  The advertising around lending has increased and new homes have been rising in neighborhoods all across the front range. There are great rates available in which qualified buyers can get loans for as low as 3%.  

One question?  Where are all the sellers?  As the national inventory begins to drop to a 13 year low, the local inventory is dropping even lower putting Colorado at a 27 year low.  In March 2013 the number of unsold homes in the area was down 42% from March of 2011.  The homes that do come on the market are being picked up quickly.  There were 5,328 properties placed under contract in March of 2013 (an increase of 28 percent over February of this year) up 49 percent from March 2011.   The average number of days a home is on the market has dropped to 78 which is down from the 104 day average posted in January 2012.  

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Benefits of Pre-Purchase Counseling


I always believe education is key, especially when making a major decision.  New research is suggesting that home loan borrowers who go through pre-purchase counseling are less likely to fall behind on payments during the first two years after closing.  Although, according to the article "we have yet to see is what's the best model that works" it is implied that face to face counseling can be especially beneficial.  There are many great programs in Colorado that could really benefit first time home buyers as well as repeat  buyers.  

Click the links below to see if one suits your needs:

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Welcome to My New Real Estate Website to my new website  It is such an exciting experience to be able to provide you with an all-inclusive real estate web resource.  There are so many exciting features that you can explore today!  These include great community profiles, the most up to date MLS searching options, easy to use buyers and seller options and so much more.  There will also be some amazing things coming soon including tips to make home buying and selling easier, landscaping tips, referral companies, inspection tipsand so much more.   It is my privilege to provide you with a service that will make your home buying and or selling experience exciting, fun and as easy as possible. 

I pride myself on being different than my real estate peers.  Instead of just the same old routine realtor website you will find so much more at  Here you will find some great resources including articles about everything home related including: information on upgrades and cost vs. valuehot spots around Coloradotips for buying and selling a home and of course everything in between.  There is also more to come including curb appeal tips, ROI of home improvements, high end appliance information, video testimonials and much more. Please bookmark my site, subscribe to my blog, facebook, twitter or linkedin to stay up to date on the Colorado Real Estate Market.

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