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Welcome to my Colorado Real Estate Blog! This Blog is dedicated to all things relating to real estate, home improvement, living and improving the quality of life.

Inspiration through Real Estate

InspirationInspiration can be found in amazing places. It can be found on a peaceful walk in nature or having a great conversation with a friend. For me, I find inspiration by helping others. If that means helping my daughter put her shoes on one-by-one, or by helping a couple purchase that first home that they will always remember, what I truly find it inspiring is to see the joy in the eyes of others when they accomplish something they strive for.

Sometimes it can seem that the everyday grind can battle what is really important in life. The things that can derail a good mood, like being cut off by an impatient driver, spilling a drink or struggling to pay bills. All can be frustrating, and can make it difficult to maintain a mood of happiness, but in the end they are just little speed bumps that shouldn’t affect life’s path. As a real estate agent, I have seen clients get down about the challenge of finding that perfect home. It ranges from being out bid on a home from a cash buyer to having very little inventory based on the criteria they set. All understandable frustrations, but in reality, they are mere speed bumps in the path to find that perfect home.

I remember with great detail the struggles that my husband and I faced when searching for our first home. We had the new home buyer ideology that we would find a home that needed some work for a good price and we would strive to fix it up to our standards. A common outlook for those first time home buyers who know they have a limited budget, and the idea of having a house payment for the next 30 years seems like a daunting foothold in economic stability. My husband and I had the same outlook, but realized that our budget could be a bit more flexible then we thought, and once we raised our bar a bit, our dream home became available in our price range and there were little improvements necessary.

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Bidding in a Competitive Market

b2ap3_thumbnail_bidding-war.jpgBuyers who are looking for that perfect home have recently discovered that they must dust off that armor and prepare for battle.  There are bidding wars going on every day and it’s all because of a rising real estate market that has resulted in low inventory and a need for quick-to-the-punch offers. 

In a hot market where homes go quicker than they are placed in the MLS, getting your offer to be ‘chosen one’ amongst the competition can be a bit of a challenge.  Although there are many factors that you may not be able to control, taking distinct steps to make your offer look the most desirable, can help your offer look like the best option for sellers. 

House hunting alone can be a difficult process, attempting to weed through dozens of homes to find the perfect one that fits your unique desires, then you find the perfect one and it is time to place an offer.  As many buyers look to their agent to tell them the magic number that will win the deal, the final decision is ultimately the buyers.  Experienced real estate professionals will guide buyers through the process, giving buyers as much information as possible, including a potential range of pricing, but in the end it’s all up to the buyer.  As a result, knowing a few key factors of placing a good offer can help make this very challenging task more manageable. 

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How NOT to sell your home

House for saleIf you are thinking about selling your home, there are lists upon lists including this one, telling you tips and ideas on the best strategies and ways to get your home sold, quickly and for the highest price.  However, where are all the lists that tell you what not to do when trying to sell your home or even more so, how not to sell your home?  Here are some tips on how not to sell your home, which is partially inspired by the movie “Step Brothers” and partially by real life experience.

Don’t do anything to make your home better.

  • Don’t try and make your home look too fabulous you wouldn’t want a buyer falling and love or worse putting in an offer.
  • Don’t clean anything inside or out.  If your lawn is too manicured or your home is too clean people may actually want to live there.
  • Don’t de-clutter, buyers don’t need to really see the rooms and they can see through your stuff anyways.
  • Put out all the things that you usually have hidden such as knives, guns, and other personal items.  Make sure to also hang that nude picture that you painted of yourself over the fireplace for all to see.
  • Assume that your house is perfect as it is so buyers can take it or leave it.

Be Greedy, Emotional, Argumentative and Unrealistic about your Home and its Worth.

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Highlighted Community: Louisville, Colorado

b2ap3_thumbnail_Louisvillehomes.jpgOn occasion I like to highlight a Colorado community in my blog.  This week I wanted to highlight the beautiful city of Louisville, Colorado.  Louisville is a city that blends small town warmth with a progressive, modern outlook.  Main Street retains the nostalgic charm of yesteryear in the midst of a vibrant business community featuring a wide variety of companies, including high tech and alternative energy.   The rich heritage of values and traditions found in Louisville forms the basis for a thriving modern community. 

The City of Louisville has often been recognized for its livability. Most recently, MoneyMagazine named Louisville #1 in 2009, and then in an unprecedented action, again named Louisville #1 in its 2011 “Best Place to Live” issue. Many things contribute to this exemplary quality of life and positive economic condition including 1,700 acres of open space, dozens of great eateries, a thriving arts scene, great schools, wonderful neighborhoods and a diverse mix of employment opportunities. As the Money article noted, “Add in dry, clear weather, little crime, good health care, low taxes, and Louisville is pretty tough to beat.” 

Louisville residents display pride in their community. Well-kept neighborhoods, tree-lined streets, and carefully planned open space form a transition between the old and new communities. Bike trails and walkways link the various neighborhoods. From many locations, residents enjoy spectacular views of the Rocky Mountains to the west, and vast plains to the east. The city has approximately 5,000 housing units, single family, condominiums, townhouses and apartments. Prices for new and previously owned single family homes range from mid $100,000 to above $800,000, with about 80-85% of all homes owner-occupied. 

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9 Simple Improvements and Repairs to do Before Selling Your Home

b2ap3_thumbnail_stager.jpgWhen you own a home it seems that you are in a constant state of home improvement. More often than not something needs repaired, replaced or tweaked.  While these home improvements may seem like they all happen at the same time, we are usually lucky enough to have them spread out over the course of the year.  When it’s time to sell your home, these home improvements snowball to now or never.  While your neighbor may think it is a good idea to sell your home as is, research has shown that your home will sell faster and for a higher price if you do just a few simple things to make it stand out.

Clean and De-clutter:  If you don’t do anything else you MUST do this.  It is very difficult for buyers to see themselves living in the home if they can’t see the floor or the walls because there is so much stuff everywhere.  Cleaning seems obvious but I mean a true deep clean inside cabinets, bathrooms, and closets.  Purge or place in storage all the items that you do not need or don’t use daily.  While you are cleaning and storing, depersonalizing a home is important to help the buyer envision how they will fit into the space so put that large family portrait over the fireplace in storage for now.    Lastly, all guns, valuables or personal items should be locked away.  If there is a drawer, assume that it will be opened, if there is a door assume someone will look inside.

Curb appeal and Entrance: The saying don’t judge a book by its cover does not appeal to real estate.  The front and back of the home should pop.  Making sure that the lawn is mowed, planting flowers, ensuring paint is fresh, the door is free from cobwebs or dirt, screens are not sagging or broken, and the porch should be clean and free from debris.  

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