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5 Steps to Staging your Home during the Holiday Season

Sell your home during the HolidaysSometimes selling your home during the holidays can be a challenge. The need to be prepared for a potential showing at all times combined with the importance of retaining some holiday traditions can be tricky.  There are some ways to make both pieces come together, and by making your home look tasteful yet festive you will be more likely to attract a buyer during the holiday season.

5 Steps to Staging During the Holiday Season!

  • Clean and stage before you start to “deck the halls.”  This will decrease clutter and make the décor accentuate the home rather than overpower the room.
  • Keep it basic.  This is not the year to display all of your collection with 15 Santa’s and no, there does not need to be a Christmas tree in every room.  If you keep the decorations focused on a select few focal points this will create a more jolly impression of what a holiday can be like if they lived in your home verses feeling like the holiday season exploded in your home.
  • Make a tasteful first impression.  Adding simple decorations to the outside of your home such as a wreath or simple strand lighting.  Do not add the extravagant yard displays as those can be a bit overwhelming.  Remember that first impression will lead buyers to quick conclusions about your home so you want to make it positive and warm.
  • Use all the senses, including smell and taste.  Try instead to bake some cookies to offer them as they tour your house. The aroma of certain baked goodies is reminiscent of the holidays past for many people. If baking isn't your thing, light a holiday scented candle or fake the aroma of warm sugar cookies by baking vanilla in the oven and offer the visitors a hot cup of apple cider instead.  
  • Lastly, try to avoid any religious based décor.  Keeping the holiday flair neutral will attract a buyer of any type, so instead of the Nativity scene go for a nutcracker. 

All in all, if you keep it simple you will show how warm and inviting your home is during the holiday season, making it easier for a potential buyer to envision themselves celebrating the holidays there.  Selling during the holiday’s can be successful as many buyers hunting have less to choose from and are often more serious about buying.  Either way it is important to remember to have a fantastic holiday season, and enjoy it as much as you can.  Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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Highlighted Community: Westminster, Colorado

Almost equidistant between Denver and Boulder is the growing suburban community of Westminster, Colorado.  Westminster is in an excellent location for commuting and offers a wide variety of housing, an excellent school system and a number of great amenities.  

If history is your interest, take a step back in time and visit Westminster as it was 100 years ago by visiting the Bowles House Museum. Or, drive by the Pillar of Fire building - a majestic neo-Romanesque-style building built in 1892. Both buildings, along with others in the area, are listed on the National Register of Historical Places.

For a more modern view of Westminster, visit City Hall, where you can climb the 181 stairs to the top of the bell tower for a fabulous view of the entire metro area and the Rocky Mountains (please see the General Services front desk at City Hall for more information on climbing the bell tower. An adult must be present.). You can also tour the sculpture garden and other gardens located around the building.

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10 Reasons that I Love my Backyard

I grew up in the hot Vegas desert and there really weren't many days in the summer where it was feasible to be outside during the hours of 10 am and 9 pm.  I say that because even after the sun sets, it is still over 100 degrees.  So when I moved to Colorado, I really cherished the evening hours of sunlight and the ability to bask in the sun without feeling like you are going to melt (most days at least).  With that comes a love for my back yard, where I spend as much time as possible no matter the time of year, but during the dog days of summer, I cherish it just a little bit more.  Here are my top 10 things I love doing in my back yard and things you should love for your yard space too.

1. Planting Flowers.   I love flowers of all forms.  Every year I plant the basic flowers that can withstand the heat in my window flower boxes and pots.  It is so simple, cost effective and can turn my yard space from drab to bright in a few hours of work.  Not to mention the tension release that you feel when planting something that makes you smile.

b2ap3_thumbnail_swing.jpg2. I love my porch swing.  When I was a little girl, my favorite place on earth was sitting on an old wood porch swing that over looked a lake near my grand-parents property.  I would sit there for hours just watching the waves in the lake and swinging.  As an adult every home I have ever had, has had a porch swing and I still will sit for hours swinging and observing the surroundings and gorgeous mountain views.

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7 Ways to Increase Curb Appeal

Curb appeal allows for a warm and inviting impression of your home.  I always believe that having your homes entry express “if you like what my front door has to offer you will love what is beyond it.” The great thing is you don’t have to break the bank to create that curb appeal that buyers are impressed with.  Just doing a few of the items listed below will take your entry from drab to fab in no time.

Dress up your front door.

Your homes entry is the focal point of all that is curb appeal.  Doing a few simple things to dress up your front door space will make it appealing to everyone including potential buyers.  Add a few pieces of bright furniture that has a color that stands out or a wreath that reflects your style. These are two great ways to dress up your door. 

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6 Relocation Tips to Make Moving a Little Easier

  • Connect with someone who lives in the area you are looking to move.  There are countless social media groups out there that will put you in touch with people who came from where you live and moved to where you are going.  It may take a little digging but you are sure to find people to connect with.  This will help guide you as you make your transition.
  • Research and interview reputable movers.  I always suggest getting at least 3 because the quotes can vary drastically from each other.  While you are getting quotes verify what the mover does (i.e. disassemble furniture, bubble wrap breakables, etc). 
  • Most movers base their fees on weight so it is also a good idea to clean out and purge all that you don’t need.  There is no sense in paying to transport items that you don’t need.   Since you are purging, you could also hold a garage sale to help raise a little cash to help with the move.
  • Pets!  Not all pets and not all plants are permitted to cross state lines.  The department of Agriculture for the state that you are moving to should have a list of banned (if any) animals and how to go about bringing your pets across the state line. For example California has some pretty strict laws on exotic pets and you are not allowed to own a ferret along with several other animals.  However, they are not the only ones with strict rules… Colorado’s pet import laws are pretty tight as well. Your pet's may be excited to move and try to pack themselves like the cat in this video :)


  • In addition, to verifying that your furry member of your family is permitted in the state, city and county that you are moving to it is a good idea to make sure that they are up for the move itself.  I highly recommend getting a check-up with a vet before packing up the car and making the move.  Some vets will even prescribe an anti anxiety to help your little furry friend get through the actual car ride.  While you are there, also see if your vet has a recommendation or 2 for a vet in your new home town.
  • Many states regulate the bringing in of plants of all kinds -- even houseplants.  Usually it is to prevent the spreading of disease or pests, but sometimes it can be an issue with the agriculture in the state that you are moving to.  Some states require an inspection of the plants in order to be permitted across the state lines.  Once again California is one of the strictest for this and they discourage any citrus, fruit, nut or pine trees. 

In addition to the regulations the actual transportation of plants is another item to plan for.  Movers typically will not transport them for you, so make sure that you have room in your vehicle to transport them yourself. 

Also, if the move covers some distance, make sure that the vehicle that you are planning on driving is prepared to make the trip, ensuring that it has its routine maintenance, and that the fluids and tires have been checked.  I also recommend putting together a car emergency kit.  The kit should include extra oil, water, windshield cleaner, jumper cables, flares, tire jack and spare tire.  Even if you don’t end up needing any of them, and just like the suggestions in this post, it’s always better to be prepared.

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