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5 Steps to Staging your Home during the Holiday Season

Sell your home during the HolidaysSometimes selling your home during the holidays can be a challenge. The need to be prepared for a potential showing at all times combined with the importance of retaining some holiday traditions can be tricky.  There are some ways to make both pieces come together, and by making your home look tasteful yet festive you will be more likely to attract a buyer during the holiday season.

5 Steps to Staging During the Holiday Season!

  • Clean and stage before you start to “deck the halls.”  This will decrease clutter and make the décor accentuate the home rather than overpower the room.
  • Keep it basic.  This is not the year to display all of your collection with 15 Santa’s and no, there does not need to be a Christmas tree in every room.  If you keep the decorations focused on a select few focal points this will create a more jolly impression of what a holiday can be like if they lived in your home verses feeling like the holiday season exploded in your home.
  • Make a tasteful first impression.  Adding simple decorations to the outside of your home such as a wreath or simple strand lighting.  Do not add the extravagant yard displays as those can be a bit overwhelming.  Remember that first impression will lead buyers to quick conclusions about your home so you want to make it positive and warm.
  • Use all the senses, including smell and taste.  Try instead to bake some cookies to offer them as they tour your house. The aroma of certain baked goodies is reminiscent of the holidays past for many people. If baking isn't your thing, light a holiday scented candle or fake the aroma of warm sugar cookies by baking vanilla in the oven and offer the visitors a hot cup of apple cider instead.  
  • Lastly, try to avoid any religious based décor.  Keeping the holiday flair neutral will attract a buyer of any type, so instead of the Nativity scene go for a nutcracker. 

All in all, if you keep it simple you will show how warm and inviting your home is during the holiday season, making it easier for a potential buyer to envision themselves celebrating the holidays there.  Selling during the holiday’s can be successful as many buyers hunting have less to choose from and are often more serious about buying.  Either way it is important to remember to have a fantastic holiday season, and enjoy it as much as you can.  Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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